What is a pre-order?

Pre-orders allow you to buy a product before it is available. By pre-ordering the product, it is booked and you are sure to be the first to receive it after the sale start date and after it has been made available for purchase. The sales start date displayed below the order button indicates the approximate date on which you will receive the pre-ordered product.

Why pre-order a product?

Pre-ordering is a simpler and hassle-free solution for booking a product. It guarantees that you will be the first to receive the product well in advance. But that is not all. Thanks to the pre-order, the product will be conveniently sent to you as soon as it is available and you will be guaranteed to receive it on the launch date or immediately thereafter.

What is the reservation?

When a product is announced, we begin to offer our customers the possibility to reserve and pre-order it before the sale start date. However, the amount of products available for pre-order is limited.

When will I receive my order?

Your order will normally be sent before the launch date / start date of the sale, which means that you will receive it at or immediately after the actual sale start date.

Can I combine pre-ordered purchases with other items?

Of course, but if you wish to receive non-pre-ordered products as soon as possible we recommend that you order them separately. Ordering non-pre-ordered products together with pre-ordered products can delay the shipment of the entire order.

Do I have to pay for the product at the time of the pre-order?

When you make a pre-order, you can pay the full amount with paypal or choose the transfer or payment on delivery. In these last 2 cases you can make the reservation without making any advance payment. We will contact you for the balance of a deposit of around 30% in the case of substantial amounts. In the case of customers who renounce the product once available, we can request full payment at the time of the pre-order for subsequent orders.

When will I be charged for my order if I choose bank transfer or cash on delivery?

We will contact customers by phone when the product arrives to agree on the payment method or to have your confirmation for cash on delivery with cash on delivery to the courier.

Are all products available for pre-order?

No, only the products indicated with the pre-order label. On each product page, an icon indicates the items available for pre-order. After a product's sale start date, the pre-order is no longer available for that item.

How can I be sure that my pre-order has been received?

Once the order has been finalized, you will receive a confirmation e-mail regarding receipt of the order. By logging into your account you can see all the orders marked as pre-order.