Payment methods 

You can use various payment methods to make purchases on our site. For info regarding any shipments or services thereof, do not hesitate to contact us.

The following payments are accepted: 

Bank Transfer Paypal (The Paypal address will be used by default for shipping) 

Shipping costs 

The goods are shipped ex our warehouse and travel with insurance coverage up to a maximum of €75. To protect himself from economic losses, the Customer must carefully check the integrity of the package and accept it with written RESERVE OF CONTROL countersigned by the courier in case of doubts. Only in this way will the Customer be able to allow USATOYS to proceed with the claim and immediately reimburse the buyer. If the Customer does not carry out this integrity check, USATOYS will be unable to do anything to protect the Customer from economic loss. If the courier refuses to report the incident, you can refuse the package, asking for it to be returned to the sender due to damage to the contents and immediately notifying us.

Please always sign with reserve, to be reimbursed in case of damage. In the absence of the signature with reserve, the package cannot in any way be reimbursed in the event of damage caused during transport by the courier
It is possible to request that the delivery of the ordered goods be made to an address other than the billing address. The request for destination to another address can only be made at the same time as the order, and must also be indicated on the order confirmation. If the different destination, due to an error, should not appear on the order confirmation, or the customer should request it later, it will be necessary to request the reissue of the corrected order confirmation by email, to be sure that during the order , the alternative address is respected. In the event that, for any reason, the delivery address other than the billing address does not appear on the confirmation of